Miley Cyrus Twerks in Short-Shorts Jumpsuit, Shows Off Tattoo at Miami Music Festival


If someone had just asked Miley Cyrus to strike a pose…she sure struck a good one! The 20-year-old twerking fanatic took her talents to South Beach today for Y100’s Mack-a-Palooza at the Clevelander hotel. Calvin Harris was spinning tunes and apparently Miley was feeling the music from her perch overlooking the action at the pool. She showed off her legs-to-there in a short black jumpsuit accented with a gold chain belt and a racerback top that displayed her dreamcatcher tattoo to full sexy effect. Miley was also decked out in Chanel jewelry, including applause-worthy Chanel No. 5 bottle earrings. “MeeeeeAHHHmeeeeeee,” she tweeted this afternoon along with a pic of her hanging out, shades on, at the deejay table. “has nooooone seen the little rascals?!?!?! #revealingmyage,” she quickly added (though she must mean the movie if she’s serious about that age-reveal thing). Miley actually got the party started earlier in the day when she went on a selfie tear in her hotel room—and she apparently can’t wait to party when she returns to Los Angeles, having tweeted her excitement at the news that California’s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals had lifted its freeze on gay marriages following Wednesday’s Supreme Court decisions. “Let freedom ring CA ❤ can’t wait to be back hommmmme and celebrate!” she wrote.


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