A-Rod & MLB Stars Investigators to View Alleged ‘Roids Smoking Gun

arAlex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun‘s ears should be burning — baseball investigators are about to sit down with the whistleblower who claims he can prove they purchased performance enhancing drugs from a Miami clinic … TMZ has learned. Sources with direct knowledge of Major League Baseball’s investigation tell us MLB officials will be meeting with Porter Fischer in Florida this week … and he’s expected to reveal his detailed records from the Biogenesis clinic. Fischer is an ex-employee at Biogenesis and claims to have the goods on more than 100 baseball players — among them Braun and A-Rod — who allegedly obtained banned PEDs from the clinic’s owner Tony Bosch. The Yankees just cleared Rodriguez for his first on-field action this season — a minor league game — as he continues to rehab from hip surgery. We’re told the MLB meeting was brokered by Fischer’s attorney, Ray Rafool — and that MLB will pay Fischer a “consultant” fee in exchange for his cooperation.
Bottom line — if Fischer has the mother lode he claims … MLB could soon be handing down major suspensions


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