Enough Fireworks to Blow Up a Small Country


North Korea is so jealous right now … just look at the MASSIVE stash of explosives Flavor Flav is planning to blow up today on his unsuspecting block in Vegas.

Flav tells TMZ, the arsenal is worth roughly $8,000, but he didn’t have to pay a cent because he has a deal with the local firework company that supplied the mini-bombs. According to Flav, the company agreed to give him cash and a garage-full of fireworks in exchange for one commercial … what a steal.

But Flav’s not about to blast his neighborhood to kingdom come — the rapper tells us, he learned his lesson from last year when he accidentally ignited a mega-explosion on his block … and had some ‘splainin’ to do when the cops raced to the scene.

(FYI — Flav got a stern talking to, but was never arrested or even cited last year).

But tonight, Flav insists he’s going to be “responsible” with the fireworks … and will try to make sure the show is a quick one, in an effort to not piss off his neighbors.


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