Aaron Hernandez Jersey Swap Tom Brady NOT Most Requested Replacement

0708-tom-brady-aaron-hernandez-vince-willfork-article-getty-3The New England Patriots swapped out more than 2,500 Aaron Hernandez jerseys for free in Foxboro this weekend … but TMZ has learned Tom Brady was NOT the most requested replacement. In fact, you’ll never guess who was #1.  A rep for the Pats tells us … the team happily shelled out roughly $250,000 to make sure any fan who had a Hernandez jersey could get a free replacement featuring a Pats player who’s not currently facing murder charges.  We’re told … of the 2,500ish people who showed up to the stadium for the swap event, 30% of the fans were kids requesting new youth jerseys.  So, who was the most requested?? The honor goes to 5-time Pro Bowler VINCE WILFORK — a 325-pound BEAST of a defensive tackle!! Don’t worry, Brady came in 2nd … and we have a theory as to why — everyone in Boston already has a Brady jersey.  FYI — Tim Tebow wasn’t in the top 5.


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