B37’s fellow jurors in Trayvon Martin trial bash her for leading country to believe spoke for them


Four jurors in the Trayvon Martin case issued a statement Tuesday night bashing a fellow panelist for going on TV and leading the country to believe she spoke for them.

Just moments after CNN aired part two of its interview with the juror known as B37, four of her fellow members on the six-woman jury issued a joint statement.

“We also wish to point out that the opinions of Juror B37, expressed on the Anderson Cooper show were her own, and not in any way representative of the jurors listed below.”

The jurors added, “We ask you to remember that we are not public officials and we did not invite this type of attention into our lives.”

In the interview aired Tuesday night, juror B37 said Trayvon “played a huge role in his death” and that race had nothing to do with it. The anonymous juror said she believes neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, who is half-Peruvian, was “justified in shooting” the 17-year-year high school student.


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