LAMAR ODOM Repped By Robert Shapiro If He’s Good Enough for OJ …


Lamar Odom needs some legal firepower after his DUI arrest, and its OJ Simpson’s lawyer Robert Shapiro to the rescue … TMZ has learned.

Lamar has hired Shapiro in what promises to be a sticky situation.  TMZ broke the story … Lamar was popped early Friday AM on the 101 Freeway … and cops believe he was under the influence of both drugs and booze.  Shapiro is known for plea bargaining.   These cases are pretty standard — he’ll probably plead no contest to one count of DUI and get probation.  He’ll also be required to attend an alcohol ed class.  And, since he refused to submit to a blood-alcohol test, he’ll automatically get his driver’s license yanked for 1 year.  No getting around that.

This has Kris Jenner’s paw prints all over it.  She’s used Shapiro for other legal messes in the past — most recently Robert Kardashian Jr.’s criminal battery and theft case. 

Ironically, Kris’ ex-hubby, the late Robert Kardashian, repped OJ Simpson along with Shapiro.  Kris was best friends with Nicole Brown Simpson and felt OJ was guilty as sin.


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