Robin Quivers — Howard Stern’s right hand woman — just announced she’s been battling cancer for the past year … but says she’s now cancer free.

Quivers says … her cancer developed from endometrial tissue, which is tissue in the uterus.

Robin says she underwent treatment for the past year — including chemotherapy — but says the treatment worked … and doctors now believe she’s cancer free.

During the emotional segment on Howard’s Sirius XM show, Howard said he still gets chills when listening to her story … and admitted, “I gotta be honest, I thought she was a goner.”

Over the past year, Robin has not appeared in the studio, but she’s been doing the show from home while undergoing treatment.

Robin said doctors initially discovered a “mass” in her pelvis last year and decided to perform surgery to investigate the situation.

Howard said Robin told him before the operation that doctors determined she had a cancerous tumor.

Howard said he was “freaking out” when Robin went under the knife … saying, “It was just a f**king crazy thing that came out of left field.”

Robin says her tumor was about the size of a grapefruit. She said it took doctors 8 hours to remove the tumor because it was so big.

“Robin means more to me than anything,” Howard said … adding, “Seeing her go through this just f**king tore me up.”

Robin said she didn’t feel alone at any part of her treatment … because Howard was there for her the whole time.


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