CHRIS BROWN, DRAKE Screw Rihanna and Friendship LET’S MAKE MONEY!!!

The curious new friendship between Chris Brown and Drake has NOTHING to do with Rihanna or brotherly love … we’ve learned it’s a cold, business decision about making millions.

Chris and Drake — whose posses literally destroyed W.i.P. nightclub in NYC in 2012 over a Rihanna beef — have decided they can actually make more money together than separately … this according to sources working closely with the 2 performers.

They’re now in the studio … laying tracks down for Chris’ new album. We’re told Drake will perform with Chris on some of the songs and he’ll also be the producer.

There’s a bonus for Chris — by working with Drake he’ll be able to continue being affiliated with Young Money and that keeps the door open to collaborations with Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. As a matter of fact, we know Tyga — also part of Y.M. — was in the studio with Drake and Chris on Thursday.

Two other reasons Chris and Drake think working together will sell more albums:

— People will pick the lyrics apart, trying to figure out if they are talking about Rihanna … the woman who they both slept with and the catalyst for the W.i.P. brawl.

— Everyone wants to hear who sounds better — Chris or Drake.




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