SUGE KNIGHT Video Attack Isn’t Enough to Prosecute SNITCHES GET STITCHES

Suge Knight is way better at dodging charges than bullets … because even though he attacked someone at a pot shop, and it’s caught on video — he’s not being prosecuted because of “insufficient evidence.”

We broke the story — which was pretty awesome — Suge got denied at the Medstar Collective in L.A. back in February because he didn’t have a medical marijuana card. He went ballistic and slugged a guy in the face — which you clearly see on the video.

But prosecutors tell TMZ … they’re not filing charges because they believe video alone won’t cut it. Who knows … maybe someone was stupid enough to throw the first punch that wasn’t caught on tape.

But we’re told the reality is this … prosecutors need witnesses and if you know anything about Suge, you’ll understand that no one is talking.

As we first reported … Suge was shot multiple times early Sunday on the Sunset Strip, and after lifesaving surgery he’s recovering in a hospital.

Still … no one wants to get Vanilla Iced.



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